Oct 29

Second Life of a Pumpkin

Posted on October 29, 2018 at 9:13 AM by Regina Connelly

Pumpkin Blog Image
Nothing says fall like front walks and porches lined with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes grinning back at us. But once November hits, most residents first inclination is to toss their rotting gourds in the trash, but when we do that the pumpkin adds extra weight and takes up wasted space in our bags and landfills.

The trick is to compost your pumpkin, so it becomes a treat for your garden.

Don’t have a compost at home? Have no fear, Ontario County has got you covered.

Just bring your old pumpkins to one of three convenient locations on
Saturday, November 3rd from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Town of Victor Transfer Station
60 Rawson Road, Victor

Town of Geneva Transfer Station
32 White Springs Road, Geneva

Ontario County Parking Lot
Corner of Ontario and Pleasant Street, Canandaigua

Sign up here to be notified of all future recycling events.

Oct 25

Take the Stress Out of Vacation Recycling

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 10:12 AM by Regina Connelly

Take the Stress Out of Vacation Recycling

Don’t take a vacation from recycling when you visit the Finger Lakes this fall!

The fall is the perfect time for a Finger Lakes trip, but it can be tough to know the in’s and out’s of recycling when you’re away from home.

Are the rules the same as back home?
To sort or not to sort?
What to do with pet waste?

Questions like these often lead to leaf peepers opting for a “safer” choice and putting everything in the bin or trashing it all.

And who can blame them? It’s a vacation, right! We’ve got some simple tips to take the stress out of recycling on your next trip:

1)    Know what belongs in the bin. 
Infographic - what goes in the binjpg_Page1

hese items are Not Bin-Friendly:

  • Styrofoam, wax coated paper products, paper towels or tissues
  • Window glass, light bulbs, Pyrex, drinking glasses or ceramics
  • Car parts, batteries, appliance parts, or other scrap metals
  • Plastic bags, plastic film, biodegradable plastic

2)  Don’t waste time sorting.
Ontario County is a Zero-Sort community! That means all the bin-friendly materials listed above can get tossed in the same recycling bin and brought out to the curb each week. We like to keep the sorting as simple as possible!

3)  Get the scoop on pet waste.
A fall trip to the Finger Lakes is the perfect vacation for your furry friends to tag along. Pet waste can be a great fertilizer if properly composted but leaving it to take natures course can be a health risk in public parks or at a vacation rental property. The best way to dispose of your pet’s poop is with biodegradable pet waste bags and tossing it in the trash.

If you’re interested in learning about proper pet composting check out the previous 'Scoop on Pet Waste' blog post.

4)  Cut back on the plastic.
Even though it’s fall you’ll need to stay hydrated while hiking on trails or walking your dog. Reduce bottle waste by staying hydrated with refillable containers. Get refillable bottles for the whole crew to cut back on disposable plastic bottles. Not only is it better for the environment it will cut back on your vacation expenses.

5)  Pack with reusable shopping bags.
Reusable shopping bags are a great way to pack for your trip and leave a smaller waste footprint when you head home. Plus, they’ll come in handy for trips to the grocery store or if you’re packing lunch for a scenic hike.

Oct 18

8 Things To Do with Shredded Paper

Posted on October 18, 2018 at 11:01 AM by Regina Connelly

8 Things to do with Shredded Paper

While shredding private documents at home is a popular practice, it is an unwelcome guest in the recycling bin. Shredded paper is too small to sort traditionally, and the pieces often fall through the cracks of the sorting machines, potentially contaminating other materials such as plastic and glass.

The best solution to the shredded paper dilemma is to avoid shredding paper all together. The ink is removed during the recycling process of whole sheets of paper. But if you’re not comfortable simply marking out private information with a black permanent marker before recycling it in your bin. Or shred only the sections that hold private information and recycle the rest as whole sheets of paper.

And don’t forget, Ontario County offers free shredding events in the Spring and Fall to help you shred and dispose of your papers safely. To sign up for alerts on these events, simply click here!

However, if you prefer shredding the papers yourself, be sure to keep it out of your recycling bin, and find other ways to utilize it. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

8 Things to Do With Shredded Paper

  • Packing material for fragile items you’re storing
  • Use it as bedding for small animals or donate it to an animal shelter*
  • Stuff a scarecrow or kids’ costume with it
  • Extend your kitty litter supply by padding the box with it before adding the litter on top
  • Burn it in your fireplace or fire pit
  • Compost it**
  • Make your own paper
  • Use it for an art project (it’s great for paper-mache!)

*Be sure to call ahead first; some organizations may only accept certain types of shredded paper, as a lot of ink on the paper can be toxic to the animals (ex: Newspaper)

** Mix 2 parts paper with 1 part grass in a home compost pile, or Layer with food scraps and yard clippings in a curbside food/yard waste cart.