Landfill Hotline

To report concerns relative tot he landfill, please contact the landfill operator Casella via the hotline number or the online form.

Landfill Hotline #: 1-888-230-2004

You can also contact the hotline to lodge a complaint via this link:

When utilizing Casella’s hotline to report a concern regarding the landfill, please be prepared to provide; your name, phone number, address of observation, date of observation, time of observation, strength of odor, type of odor, and if applicable whether or not you grant permission for staff to enter your property to assess the odors.


The Ontario County Landfill, located on State Routes 5 & 20 in the Town of Seneca, has been operated by the County and their various contractors since 1974. In 2003, the County signed a 25 year lease agreement with New England Waste Services of N.Y. (Casella) to operate and maintain the landfill. In addition to the landfill, Casella also operates a single stream/Zero Sort Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) on the same site.

Currently, both the landfill and the MRF accept municipal solid waste and recyclables, respectively, from the County as well as from municipalities outside of Ontario County.

The active geosynthetic lined landfill is designed, and permitted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), to receive an average of 2,999 tons of municipal solid waste per day.

The MRF is equipped with mechanical and magnetic sorting equipment that separates different types of recyclables from each other. Once sorted these recyclables are baled and distributed to various markets for re-use.

To learn more about the Zero Sort process utilized at the Materials Recovery Facility, watch our Informational Video below.

Zero-Sort Video

Watch Casella's Zero-Sort® Recycling Facility Tour video.