Why load up a landfill with old clothes? Give them away or tear them up.

From sport coats that don’t fit anymore to old sheets, blankets, and towels, an estimated 85% of textiles currently get thrown away in landfills. All that fabric takes up a lotta precious space in the ground (just like it did in your closets). There’s a smarter way to go, and you can help.

Put your old clothes and other fabrics to better use. Simply giving away old cloth items to charity can make a huge dent. Especially since charities will hand off materials they can’t use to salvage companies to recycle for cleaning rags or to be shredded for fiber products like insulation. In fact, only about 7% of donated textiles eventually end up in a landfill.

Gently Used Clothing and Other Textiles

Find out where you can drop off and donate textiles.

Unusable Textiles and Rags