Yard Waste

Your yard waste can do a lot of good if it stays put.

The fact that yard waste is banned from landfills isn’t the only reason to keep it close to home. From grass clippings to tree and shrub pruning, much of the organic materials you trim from around your yard can be recycled right at your home—and make your landscape healthier and more beautiful in the process. Three easy ways to start? Recycle your grass clippings, generate your own mulch for planting beds, and set up a compost area.

Not sure where to start? Check out this handy guide on Greenscaping from the EPA.

Have Yard Waste and Nowhere to Put it?

Many municipal transfer stations accept yard waste—usually from residents only—and they grind it up and offer back to anyone in the area who wants fresh mulch or compost.

Drop-Off Locations

Find out where you can dispose of yard waste.

Have Yard Waste and Some Place to Put it?

Start composting your yard waste in your own backyard! Check out the Organics page for more information on backyard composting.