Batteries die. But that doesn’t mean you should bury them.

Batteries contain several toxic materials, including mercury and lead, so they need to be handled appropriately to prevent harm to our environment. The good news is, there are several convenient ways to safely recycle old batteries.

Single Use Batteries (Everyday Household Batteries)

Find out where you can drop off single-use batteries.

Mail-In Options: Waste Management and Battery Solutions are two resources that make it easy for residents to get rid of dead single-use batteries and small rechargeables.

Waste Management

Battery Solutions

Rechargeable Batteries

Find out where you can drop off rechargeable batteries used for tools, computers, and other collection devices.

Car Batteries

It’s illegal to throw these types of batteries in the trash because they could severely contaminate nearby soil and water. You can drop off dead or used batteries at a retail store, distributor, or potentially your own municipal transfer station. For details about safe disposal of car batteries, visit the NYSDEC Lead-Acid Battery page.

Find out where you can drop off car batteries.

County Hazardous Household Waste collection days

These events are set up to make it easy for residents to dispose of single use and small rechargeable batteries. For a schedule of upcoming collection days, see the events page.