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Jul 07

What is plastic free July?

Posted on July 7, 2022 at 12:15 PM by Kaitlynn McCumiskey

Plastic Free Week 1Last month we explored options for reuse. This month we want to talk about one of the other R’s- REDUCE. While the topic of waste reduction is broad, we want to focus in on one aspect this month- single-use plastics. What are single-use plastics? They are plastic items that are used once and then disposed of. Most single-use plastics are not recyclable, including plastic cups, cutlery, straws, plastic wrap, chip bags, salad bags, and many more items.

Do you find it difficult to do the right thing when it comes to waste reduction? It can often feel overwhelming. Plastic Free July is a challenge to choose one item to eliminate for one month. A simple start that can have a big impact. This month we’ll provide ideas, resources, and projects to help you reduce your consumption of single-use plastics.

The Plastic Free July movement has inspired 100+ million participants in 190 countries. By making a small change you will collectively make a massive difference to our communities. You can choose to refuse single-use plastics in July (and beyond!). Best of all, being part of Plastic Free July will help you to find great alternatives that can become new habits forever.

A great way to kick off the challenge is by taking the Plastic Free July Quiz, by clicking the link below. It takes less than 5 minutes.

By taking the Plastic Free July Quiz, you will:

• help track the trends in the common plastics that households use

• discover for yourself all the plastics that ‘sneak’ into your shopping

• set yourself up to measure your Plastic Free July success