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May 03

Recipe for Regeneration: Compost

Posted on May 3, 2022 at 9:41 AM by Kaitlynn McCumiskey

CAW PosterCompost Awareness Week- Recipe for Regeneration: Compost

It’s Compost Awareness Week and our backyard compost bin sale is open from May 2 to May 22. Visit for details.

The theme for Compost Awareness Week is Recipe for Regeneration. So, let’s get things cooking. Just like cooking up your favorite recipe in the kitchen, composting is as simple as adding the right ingredients. We’re here to share the recipe!

The first ingredients are a mix of browns and greens. Using a suggested 3:1 ratio of carbon-rich browns and nitrogen-rich greens, let the decomposing process start. Other proportions of browns to greens can still create good compost but may decompose more slowly.

Greens are your nitrogen source and include food scraps (such as fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, tea bags, and old bread), fresh grass clippings, fresh weeds, and manure. Browns are your carbon source and include fallen leaves, shredded paper, wood chips, and straw. Browns also provide structure for the pile, allowing air to flow more freely.

The next ingredient in the compost recipe is air and it is one of the most important ingredients. Compost microorganisms need oxygen to function! While not necessary, turning or mixing your compost pile twice a month will add more air and speed up the breakdown in your pile. You can also allow for natural airflow through your pile by adding in sticks and woodchips.

The final ingredient in the compost recipe is water. Composting works best with the right amount of moisture. Your compost pile should be as damp as a wrung-out sponge. Don’t be afraid to water your compost pile from time to time. Pro Tip: If your compost pile is starting to smell, there may be too much water. Mix in some browns such as leaves or woodchips and turn the pile.

What does your compost recipe not call for? You should not include meat, fish, dairy, fats and oil, plants treated with pesticides, weeds, or pet waste in your compost pile. Just as the best dishes call for the best ingredients, you want to make sure you don’t add materials to your pile that can ruin your compost or attract pests along the way.

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