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Jun 24

LEGO Recycling

Posted on June 24, 2021 at 9:55 AM by Regina Sousa

The LEGO® has been around for ages and is a staple toy most parents gift list. While you are never too old to play with toys the virtual indestructible bricks almost certainly end up in your basement, attic or garage collecting dust. When you do finally decide it’s time to let go of your LEGO® bricks, you can’t recycle them from home so more often than not, they end up at the landfill. But LEGO® is changing that and making it easier for us to make a more environmentally friendly choice.

As an organization, LEGO® has ambition sustainability goals and is working to make all of their core products from sustainable materials by 2030, but in the meantime there’s LEGO® Replay. It’s a donation program that takes back unwanted bricks and re-gifts them to youth serving organizations like Teach For America and the Boys & Girls Club. To date, they’ve collected 300,000 pounds of LEGO® bricks and got them in the hands of more than 42,000 kids.

You can learn more and make a donation here. To find out more about LEGOS® sustainability plans head on over to their environment page.