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May 18

How to Help During COVID - 19

Posted on May 18, 2020 at 7:35 AM by Regina Sousa

How to Help During COVID-19

Less is more - Please be aware - that with more people at home during the #Covid19 response, more residential waste is being generated, putting strain on some waste and recycling collection programs. Litter of disposable masks and gloves is also becoming a problem. Here’s how you can help:

  • Clean in stages. You are encouraged to hold off on any large spring cleaning projects or focus on home organizing and doing smaller cleanouts in stages.
  • Masks and gloves belong in the trash, not the recycling bin. Wear a mask and gloves while you were running a couple of errands? Please don’t litter these items. You can also help keep sanitation workers and waste collectors safe by making sure these items go in the trash and not your recycling bin. Carry a small baggy or container with you when running essential errands that you can put used gloves or masks into if there is no trash can around, and dispose of the used items properly later.
  • Thank your essential sanitation workers who are your trash, recycling, and compost haulers, transfer station operators, recycling coordinators, and other sanitation workers when you can by waving, leaving a note at the curb, calling or sending an email.
  • Receiving more packages to the door? Make sure to collapse your cardboard boxes to save space at home and in collection vehicles.
  • Set it aside. New York residents are being encouraged to reduce non-essential trips out. Some retail stores, drop-off locations, or donation centers may also not be open or accepting items right now. To find out when the next upcoming special collection event is visit the events page: Upcoming Ontario County Special Collection Events