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Apr 04

#RecycleRightNY - Textiles

Posted on April 4, 2019 at 10:07 AM by Regina Connelly

Is your closet giving you a headache? Don’t make it a headache for recycling facilities!

As we welcome the Spring season and closet clean outs, we’d like to remind you to rethink your recycling habits. Tossing your unwanted clothing into your regular household recycling bin creates major issues for the recycling facilities that handle your usual plastic, metal, glass, and paper. When your clothing and other textiles are put in your regular household recycling bin, these items become wrapped around recycling facility equipment, causing expensive machinery jams and compromising worker safety. Not to mention- textiles cannot be recycled in these systems as they are designed to handle bottles, cans, paper, etc., not clothing. Clothing and other worn and torn textiles can be recycled but need to go to a specialized recycling facility with equipment designed for recycling textiles. As long as they are clean, dry and odorless, most textiles can be reused or recycled through specific donation and collection programs. Reused clothing is thrifted and goes to people in need. The items that are recycled are made into fiber for new products like carpet padding, home insulation, and raw material for the automotive industry.

By participating in textiles recovery and recycling you’re helping to save natural resources, reduce greenhouse gases, prevent pollution, and reduce waste from entering landfills where it has no value. It’s also a way to help keep recycling facilities running smoothly and extend the life of valuable materials!

Visit for more information and to find reuse and recycling locations near you.