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Sep 14

Electronic Waste- Secure Data Destruction

Posted on September 14, 2023 at 8:52 AM by Kaitlynn McCumiskey

EW- DataOne question you may have when it comes to recycling electronic waste is, how do I know my confidential data is protected? As owners and operators of multiple electronic devices, we are becoming ever more aware of the importance of protecting our personal data. As devices become even more ingrained in our everyday lives, we must protect our personal information. Just because something is sitting around the house unused does not mean that your personal information and data is safe. By bringing your old and unused devices to an electronic waste recycling event you can ensure that your data is secure. How can you be sure your confidential data is properly managed and securely destroyed?

Our electronic waste recycling events ensure secure collection of materials and hauling of materials to a dedicated electronics recycling facility. Materials are then inventoried and tracked throughout the process ensuring that confidential data is never exposed. This facility employs technicians that are trained to destroy data in compliance with strict security standards.

You do not need to wipe or destroy data or hard drives prior to bringing to one of our electronic waste collection events. DO NOT drill into materials as you can hit the lithium-ion battery and create a dangerous fire hazard. We work with experts who ensure that all materials are handled securely and safely.